About us


Our mission is to provide people from any background the opportunity to uncover their inner potential and develop a career they are passionate about. We are looking for determined individuals who want to create their own successful path.


The programme we offer is designed to prepare you for a career in sales, but previous trainees have taken on a variety of roles, from account management to customer service. We believe that on-the-job-training and development is the most effective way to harness those skills required for you to be successful in a working environment.


Nick Elletson celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust at Buckingham Palace.


In 2012 we launched The Bayford Foundation to tackle a skills shortage and help us discover sales talent.


The Bayford Foundation started off as an intensive classroom-based course lasting 6 weeks. We gave our recruits the opportunity of paid employment whilst training them as sales professionals. Candidates learned the ins and outs of business to business sales, from practicing their phone manners up to developing customer relationships.


The unique programme was set up to provide essential skills to individuals from all walks of life who could demonstrate a passion and willingness to create a new career path for themselves.


As we went along and helped people from a variety background, we have gradually adapted the programme to individuals’ specific needs, which means it is completed only when the person is ready to take the next step.


This allows us to reward those that make the effort to stand out and present them with the opportunity that we feel they deserve.


Our work in the local community has not gone unnoticed. In 2016, manager, Nick Elletson, was invited to represent The Bayford Foundation at the Princes’ Trust 40th anniversary celebration, hosted at Buckingham Palace by Prince Charles. The Prince’s Trust is one of the many partners we are proud to have worked with across the years.

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