Raz Hussain



"I enjoyed every part of my experience at The Bayford Foundation, it helped me gain a wide variety of skills that I can constantly use in my role, from learning how to use computers in a working environment to honing my telephone communication skills.


"I came out of school with no GCSE’s which made it really hard for me to secure a job. Lots of companies focus on your education to decide whether you're the right fit especially for entry level positions, therefore I realised that finding my first job wasn't going to be easy.


"I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to embark on The Bayford Foundation's training programme, which eventually helped me achieve my goal of gaining a full-time job in sales. I've been working in my current role for three years now and I would never look back!

"I am so grateful to The Bayford Foundation for giving me the chance I needed and to put their trust in my abilities."


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