Scott Cummings



"Compared with the three years I spent out of employment and searching for a workplace that would give me a chance, my five months at The Bayford Foundation passed very quickly. My time there began as many other job prospects I had; sitting across from a stranger, hoping that they could see the potential in me, which I knew was there.


"Thankfully for me, the manager at The Bayford Foundation, Nick Elletson, is a very good judge of character. After a very interesting and open conversation with him, I came away from the interview not knowing which way this one was going to go. I was over the moon to know I had been accepted, putting me on the path that has led me to where I am today.

"My time at The Bayford Foundation, though short-lived, taught me the skills I needed to be a valued member of staff in any business. I grew from being a shy, introverted and hesitant nerd, into a relaxed, reliable and dependable nerd.


"The training programme wasn’t always easy and required me to challenge a lot of the habits I had built up over the years. But with the help of The Bayford Foundation team, I was able to correct them and strengthen the work ethic that employers look for. I am now part of the credit and customer service team of a successful business, approaching my first year anniversary.


"I cannot recommend The Bayford Foundation enough to all those of you out there, struggling to find a place willing to give you that shot you are hoping for. I’d like to thank The Prince’s Trust for guiding me there and The Bayford Foundation for moulding me into who I am today."


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