Success stories

We pride ourselves on providing excellent training and guiding employees on a successful career path. The team at The Bayford Foundation look to develop character and push individuality so you can find a role that suits you best.


On this page, you can discover what our previous employees have to say about their time at The Bayford Foundation and how the experience helped them change their lives.


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Scott Cummings

Scott joined The Bayford Foundation after spending three years out of employment. The training programme helped him regain his self-confidence and gave him the chance to explore new career opportunities.



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Raz Hussain

After leaving school with no GCSE's Raz struggled to find anyone willing to give him a chance to prove himself. That's when The Bayford Foundation stepped in and presented Raz with the opportunity he needed to gain full-time employment.


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Ken Thomas

After Ken realised manual work was no longer an option for him, he sought out a new line of employment. He first heard about The Bayford Foundation training programme through the job centre and was delighted to be taken on board.


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Demi Bray

Demi has started her time in the customer services department of The Right Fuelcard Company. This is after working on engaging more with customers and vital service skills she has acquired from her time at The Bayford Foundation.


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Chantelle Robinson

Being accepted onto The Bayford Foundation literally brought Chantelle to tears of happiness. She has quickly become a valuable member of the team due to her ability to support and motivate the people around her.


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Adam Stagg

Adam was promoted to a full-time sales role after completing The Bayford Foundation training programme despite having no previous work experience.




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